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Testimonials from some previous members:

  • Daniel Passon
    Completed PhD July 2013

    "My PhD time was the best experience in my life so far. Working on an exciting project with state of the art instruments and in an open minded environment encouraged me to express my own ideas, gain knowledge and progress the scientific field. As a PhD student in the Bond lab, I got always encourage to embrace the new and unknown and just 'go for it' and try to solve the questions and question the answers. I got inspired to spread my knowledge, to teach, be engaged in the scientific community and present my work on scientific conferences. Thanks to this engaging and supporting environment we could publish my work on RNA binding proteins in three peer reviewed papers enabling me to win several competitive awards for poster presentations and talks and build up my scientific profile. The Bond Lab is a creative and stimulating environment thanks to their members and their head. Great time, great work, great people."

  • Rohan Bythell-Douglas
    Completed PhD October 2014

    "Professor Charlie Bond was an excellent choice for a PhD supervisor. I was partly attracted to the lab by the prospect of a project working on structure based-drug design. This initial project faltered at a crucial hurdle, which was initially disappointing. Charlie, being aware of my interest in the structure based-drug design pathway, managed to incorporate two additional exciting and interesting projects, which encompassed all of the elements of a structure based drug design project. These two projects lead to two published manuscripts and two more are in the publication pipeline. Charlie is one of the most approachable and encouraging people I have met. He spent many hours tutoring me on X-ray crystallography, both theory and practice. Charlie was very keen for me and for his other PhD students to attend local, national and international conferences. Carrying out my PhD in his laboratory was central to me securing my current position as a Post-doctoral training fellow at the Institute of Cancer Research in London."

Postdocs and Fellows

Currently there are no funded postdoc positions open in the lab. Any potential postdoctoral fellowship applicants should contact Charlie with a full CV at anytime. Late October is often a good time to contact Australian researchers about postdoc opportunities as the major government funding agencies (ARC and NHMRC) announce grants at that time. Anyone considering a fellowship application should allow plenty of time prior to application to ensure the best likelihood of success.

PhD Students

UWA offers competitive scholarships for prospective Australian and International students. The International ones are extremely competitive - see here for an overview. Any interested student should contact Charlie with a full CV at anytime

Honours Students

Honours students with a qualifying major in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Chemistry or an allied discipline (e.g. Biomedical Science, Microbiology etc) are welcome to contact Charlie about opportunities anytime. The School of Chemistry and Biochemistry runs two programs, with entry at the start of the year, or mid-year. Application details can be found here.


Well-qualified students, including UWA undergrads seeking laboratory experience in the lab are welcome to contact Charlie at any time, although places are limited. We have hosted a number of self-funded international interns.