Research in Charlie Bond's Lab

The cell is a highly crowded nanoscale environment where biological molecules meet, interact and function. For the correct control of gene regulation, the interactions between various proteins, DNA and RNA molecules must be carefully coordinated. Understanding what controls these interactions allows us to define the mechanisms behind various diseases and to then pursue new therapeutics. For example, most cancers, many neurodegenerative diseases and a number of other hereditary conditions are caused by misregulation of gene expression. In my lab we use a combination of biological chemistry, molecular biology and structural biology methods to build a three-dimensional picture of these key molecular interactions, and we collaborate closely with labs with complementary expertise in cell biology and genetics.

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Projects seeking students ...

  • Structure of the paraspeckle interactome

    How do the proteins and nucleic acids in the human cell nucleus interact to control gene regulation?

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  • Are PLS-class PPR proteins suitable RNA-binding proteins for biotech applications?

    These amazing molecules could be the reagents and therapeutics of the future...

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  • The role of biomolecular interactions in molecular mechanisms of ALS/MND

    We are unpicking the interactions between molecules that are affected in ALS/MND.

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Some examples of recent and past research ...

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